NEW! Improved Features for the Phone Lasso

You asked, and we listened! 

What is the Phone Lasso?

For those of you who haven’t heard, the Phone Lasso revolutionizes the way you use your phone. By adhering our insanely sticky patch to your phone (or case), you’re able to attach your phone to your body, belt, bag, gear – you name it! Now, you can take your phone on all your adventures, without being afraid of breaking or losing it.

Improved Features

We started out with offering a lanyard that can be worn around your neck. A lot of you mentioned that you didn’t love “wearing” your phone, so we created a wristlet version. This shorter length allows you to easily hang your phone from your wrist or attach it to a purse, bike, bag or stroller. When your hands are busy, your phone will still be within reach.

The lanyard and wristlet material is now a super smooth nylon that isn’t rough or abrasive against your skin, which makes the Phone Lasso even better to use. Because, honestly, nobody likes chaffing!

We also updated the breakaway ball lock. This new mechanism is a more streamlined design, making a smaller imprint with the same great performance.





What’s Next?

There are other enhancements we’re working on to help you keep your phone close no matter what your doing – which means you’re connected to what you love while doing what you love. If you’ve got any ideas about how to improve Phone Lasso, give us a shout.

Use it. Don’t Lose It.

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