Installation Instructions

Step 1

Before you peel, find your charging port and make sure carabiner lines up with the charging port on your phone.

Step 2

Trim the patch if necessary to customize for your specific device. Trimming is usually not needed.

Step 3

Peel the paper backing off the patch.

Step 4

Place sticky side down on phone and press with thumb, firmly rubbing several times in one direction.

Step 5

When using a phone case, remove the carabiner and tuck the strap through the charing port hole in the case.

Step 6

After tucking the strap through the opening in the case, clip the carabiner back onto the loop.

Step 7

Clip the carabiner on wrist strap and adjust button cinch to tighten on wrist.

Step 8

Clip carabiner on neck strap and adjust button cinch as needed to raise or lower phone height when wearing.