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  • Clip your phone to almost anything
    so your device is always within reach.

Don’t Be a Loser

You use your phone all the time. It’s your camera, your mobile office, your grocery list, your connection to family and friends.

Losing or breaking it is more than an inconvenience – it makes you feel instantly disconnected and unable to function. No GPS. No Internet. No pics. No life.

Don’t let it happen to you. Keep your phone safely and securely by your side with Phone Lasso.

Phone Lasso - Ready for Action
Ready for Action
Close at Hand
Phone Lasso - Never Stray
Never Stray
Phone Lasso - Capture the Moment
Capture the Moment

Phones don't float.

Don’t be one of the 43% of Americans that lose or damage their cell phone each year.

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Phone Lasso Product Shot - Rear

Live Without Limits

Every 2 seconds another phone is broken. Don’t be that guy! Slap Phone Lasso’s insanely sticky patch onto your phone or case so you’re prepared for any adventure life throws your way.

  • Keeps your phone by your side anywhere you are
  • Works with any brand phone – with or without a case
  • Doesn’t obstruct speakers, cameras or charger ports
  • Trims easily to fit on other devices, like iPods and remotes
  • Includes an adjustable wristlet and neck lanyard
  • No one can say #PicsOrItDidntHappen to you again!
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Safe from Drops, Dunks, & Loss

With Phone Lasso, you’ll have the confidence to take on any activity – with your phone safely by your side. Don’t be disconnected. Get the protection you need.

Works with any phone and any case
Phone Lasso Worn on the Hip
Simply attach the patch to your phone or case
Phone Lasso Hooked onto Backpack
Durable, long-lasting materials
Phone Lasso Worn Around the Neck
Hook to your clothes, bags or lanyards
Supports up to 15 Pounds!