5 Stages of Grief in 5 Minutes

Losing your phone is not ideal. In modern culture we depend on our phones for everything, so realizing your phone is missing can induce panic. However, it’s not the time to lose your cool! Use this quick guide to go through the five stages of grief in just five minutes, and then find a solution.

Step 1: Denial
Go ahead; take one minute to dig through your purse or your car one last time. Even if you’ve dumped everything out on the floor to no avail, allow yourself one last check.


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Step 2: Anger
Be angry! In fact, be furious. For one minute only totally lose it! Punch an inanimate object if it helps, just don’t hurt yourself. Now, calm down.

Step 3: Bargaining
Make a quick list in your head of everything you would trade if you could just have your phone back. Promise to exercise every day this week in exchange for your phone. Once you’ve realized it’s never coming back, disregard that promise.

Step 4: Depression
Take one minute to let all of your sadness out and just wallow in it. Cry over all of the pictures of food you’ll never be able to post to Instagram. Your phone was too young to be gone so soon.


Hang Head, sad


Step 5: Acceptance
Accept you’ve made a mistake and that your phone isn’t coming back. Better yet, start making an action plan. Do you have an upgrade available with your provider? Or, if you’re living contract-free, what new phones are on the market?

Skip the Steps & Break the Cycle
Instead of going through this hellacious cycle of grief, wouldn’t it be nice if you could prevent yourself from losing your phone in the first place? We created Phone Lasso so you can take your phone anywhere, without fear of losing or breaking it. Take on all of life’s adventures and capture every moment with your phone by your side. Don’t risk it – simply put that extremely sticky patch on your phone and hook your precious cargo to your pants, wrist, or bag.

Use it. Don’t Lose It… and don’t lose your cool!

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